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ScaleUp Radio

Mar 25, 2019

Do you remember your back bedroom? So many people use them as a bit of a dumping ground, where all the exercise equipment that we’re definitely going to use next month, ends up.

Not so for Breda Hadley.

She started Citrus Computing, providing IT solutions for businesses of all sizes in her back bedroom in 2011, with less than 10 clients - but a real belief in the business, and how it should grow.

Now, Citrus Computing is turning over about a quarter of a million pounds and has over 50 active clients. 

How did she do it?

Breda, and Citrus Computing, is a great example of one of those businesses that has achieved great growth - without advertising.

In this interview, Breda will also talk about:-

 - How to go about getting referrals in a natural way

 - What separates Citrus from their competitors

 - How Breda is thinking ahead to her exit, whilst still retaining an income from the business

 - How Breda ensures that Citrus isn’t overly reliant on one client

 - What the single more important piece of advice that Breda has for anyone setting up an IT business

If you worry about the relationships that you have with your clients - how to develop them, how to maintain them, how to make sure that they’re not too sales-focused - then this is the conversation for you. Breda has a refreshing approach to business that more people should take notice of.