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ScaleUp Radio

Mar 18, 2019

When someone tells you that they’re part of the family business, you either think of a Jimmy Cagney movie - or the little corner shops of your youth.

Debbie bucks all of those stereotypes. She’s been a part of the family business, with her parents and her sister and has seen ISO Quality Services go from a one-man business in Ireland, to the globe-spanning company based in Worcester.

Listening to Debbie speak about her journey, it’s hard not to be incredibly impressed with how hard the business works - not just for clients, but for the company itself.

In this conversation, she covers:

 - the values of a family company

 - how to decide the right way to serve your clients

 - how to control the evolution of a company

So, how do you ensure that “the family” side doesn’t take over the business, and it just becomes a little too inward-looking? Debbie talks about this (a lot of his has to do with her relationship with her sister) and is a continual process, that they keep a very close eye on.

Debbie Farr is the Director of Training at ISO Quality Services. She’s been with the company since 2014. She can be contacted on