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ScaleUp Radio

Jun 17, 2019

You generally find that pictures and words go together very well - that was certainly the case for Liz Painter, as she describes in this week’s episode of ScaleUp Radio.

Liz was working with her husband - a photographer - and she was providing the copy to accompany his images, using her skills acquired from her background as a journalist. From that, Liz began getting more and more copy work away from journalism - so much so that she set up her own copywriting business. That’s when Comma Comma was born.

In this episode, Liz talks through her scale up journey, covering:

 - The challenges of first starting up on your own

 - How to stand out in your area of business

 - The importance of measuring results for your clients

 - The pros and cons between retainer work and project work 

 - How she developed Theme Days that work for her - and could work for you

Liz is an interesting person to listen to. She knows her area of industry - copywriting - incredibly well, but, even after several years - she’ll still learning about being a business owner – and she is open about that. She’s also incredibly keen on self-improvement and talks about how she went about that - and continues to do so to this day. 

Liz doesn’t have all the answers – none of us do - but she does have some fascinating insights into the lessons she’s learned on her ScaleUp journey, that you can definitely take away and apply to your own business and to your ScaleUp journey.

If you want to contact Liz, she's at: