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ScaleUp Radio

Jun 10, 2019

Mark Nash is quite a humble guy. 

As you’ll hear in our chat, Mark describes Nash Business Systems as a team of software developers, based in Redditch - but they are so much more than that.

Going back to 2009, Mark did some work for his Dad - and it was that family link that kick started the business, and started Mark on his ScaleUp journey.

Over the past 10 years, Nash Business Systems has grown from very much a one man entity to one with a small group of specialists, and a steadily growing base of clients.

Mark says that in the beginning he was lucky with clients, with work coming in, and taking on new staff, but it’s only when you listen to him that you realise that luck had little to do with it, and that Mark’s work ethic and determination are more at the root of Nash Business Systems success

In this episode, Mark talks to Kevin Brent about his ScaleUp journey so far.  Amongst other things they cover:

 - Being very clear about the problem that you’re solving for your customer

 - The benefits to having your own office, rather than working from home – and when to make the move

 - Finding the balance between being helpful - and having customers take the mick!

 - The challenges of scaling up in a relatively short space of time.

It’s interesting to hear Mark talk about his ScaleUp journey, not least because he’s incredibly honest about where the holes are in his knowledge - and how he doesn’t always have the answer about what the business should be, and where it should be going next.

As always, there’s plenty to take away whatever stage you are at in your ScaleUp journey 

You can find Mark at: