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ScaleUp Radio

Jul 8, 2019

When you first hear Nigel Busby, you’ll be forgiven for thinking that he has a very laid back attitude to his business, InControl Marketing, and his scale up journey as a whole. But that laid back persona covers an incredibly driven and ambitious business owner that has taken his company to a unique position in its field. In the interview that you’re about to hear, Nigel will say that no-one else seems to be doing what InControl Marketing are doing.

In this episode, Kevin Brent will speak to Nigel about the company - what it does, where it came from and it’s own scale up journey - as well as covering a range of other topics, including:

 - The one word that he uses with every single customer, every single job - and why that one word matters

 - Recognising opportunities, and how to let the business change over time, to allow it to adapt and grow from a one-man business, into a much larger company

 -  The importance of making sure that your revenue streams don’t all come from the same channel

 - Why it’s ok if the business turns out differently from what you expected when you started out

 - Making sure that conversations are two-way, rather than just a push for your business.

 Nigel is a fascinating listen. He is incredibly honest about himself, his company and the business world at large. This is a candid conversation that has something for everyone.

Nigel can be contacted at