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ScaleUp Radio

Apr 27, 2020

Welcome to another episode of ScaleUp Radio.

This week, Kevin won’t be interviewing a guest; instead he’s going to be looking at 8 ways that you can convert your service into a product. This is a process called ‘productising’

Now, the 8 ways that Kevin will be talking through are taken from the BizSmart Flight Academy and the scale up system. If you want to access an e-book about this, you can get in touch with Kevin at

At the moment (April 2020) service businesses are being hit hard by the coronavirus lockdown, right around the globe. In some ways, they are being hit harder than manufacturing companies.

So, how do you go about changing that? Maybe adapting your service company to being a product company?

In this episode, we’ll look at:-

 - How a live music company has moved online and into personalisation

 - Deciding how you can help your clients, even if it’s not *quite* the same way as you were as a service provider. So, still using your expertise

 - The importance of ‘niching’ down your service - narrow it down. Then narrow it down again.

If you’re a coach, a trainer or a consultant - this episode is for you. If you’ve found your customer base moving away from you and your service because their thinking in the short term - you need to listen to this.

There’s so much to take away in this episode. Make sure you’ve got pen and paper handy before pressing play!

If you know of any businesses that have already made the move of pivoting their service-based business into a product-based business, then let us know by emailing 

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