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ScaleUp Radio

Apr 6, 2020

Welcome to the latest episode of Scale Up Radio.

We’re going to do something a little different in this episode, in that we’re not going to hear Kevin Brent interview a business owner about their own scale up journey.

Given everything that is going on in the world right now, what we thought would be a good idea to do is to take a look at companies that have managed to reinvent them selves in a time of crisis.

So, we are going to illustrate 8 Key Ways To Reinvent A Business, using specific case studies.

Many of you listening may still be in crisis mode and effectively we, as business owners, are in FireFighting Mode.

Now there are times when we need to act quickly, and there are times when we need to things straightaway, without spending too much time thinking about it.

However, pretty quickly we realise that this isn’t the best way to operate. Military veterans refer to something called The Fog of War to describe the process of making difficult decisions on the battlefield with many things going on, and a lot of information flying around.

Sometimes the obvious answer, in retrospect, isn’t always the one you make.

That’s why we wanted to share with you the stories of eight business owners who took some bold and very decisive actions at a time of deep economic uncertainty.

We hope that you all get something from this episode, whether you’re in Panic Mode or not.

Stay safe.

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Scaling up your business isn't easy, and can be a little daunting. Let ScaleUp Radio make it a little easier for you. With guests who have been where you are now, and can offer their thoughts and advice on several aspects of business. ScaleUp Radio is the business podcast you've been waiting for.