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ScaleUp Radio

Nov 1, 2021

This week on Scale Up Radio, I am joined by Duncan Gilroy of Hussingtree Blend ltd. A business venture spawned over a few gins that has grown so much that Hussingtree is now looking at expanding into a further premises as the scale of production needs to expand to meet the demand for this exciting new gin. 


The award winning Hussingtree Gin is certainly something special, from the small village of Martin Hussingtree just north of Worcester. Duncan and his family (or in this case business partners), have worked very hard and won several prestigious awards that showcase the local ingredients in their gin from around the Worcester area. 


Duncan’s business background before becoming a distiller was primarily in marketing and branding so he already had a solid grasp of what would be needed to successfully sell something different in the already well ‘soaked’ gin market. 


Over the course of the episode we discuss; 


  • How the business started, from humble gin tastings and dabbling in distilling at home to the demand that now has to be met in several local retailers and various food and beverage locations. 
  • Duncan goes into the intricacies of licensing and why sometimes it's better to hold off on scaling up the business before you are actually ready for the responsibilities that growth entails. 
  • And the brilliant discussion of what actually works with gin flavours, traditional juniper berries or Asparagus? 


As always, there is plenty in here for business owners, no matter where you are on your scale up journey.


Duncan can be found here: 


Or he can be contacted by: 


Facebook: @HussingtreeGin 


Twitter: @GinHussingtree 


Instagram: @hussingtree_gin 


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