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ScaleUp Radio

Jul 1, 2019

When you first started in business - did you have a plan? Maybe it was a grand master plan that would cover the next 20 years, or maybe you kept the plan short and manageable, just the next six months.

Whatever it looks like, thinking through and capturing a plan is one of the first things that many business experts say you should have.

However, in this episode of ScaleUp Radio, we’re going to be looking one step on from that - about putting that plan into action.

As always with our panel discussions, Kevin Brent has gathered 3 business owners with their own individual experiences and opinions to bring to the table.

This month, we’ll hear from:

Matt Parsons - Surftech IT

Andy Harper - Set & Match

Nigel Busby - Incontrol Marketing

They’ll be talking through the subject of Action Planning and how it should fit into your scale up journey.

The panel will cover:

 - How do you identify the big things or the critical things that will impact our success in the next 12 months, and how do we build an action plan for them so that they get done?

 - What makes a good action plan and a good action that we can deliver against – or that one of our team can?

 - What is the difference between an operational plan - and a basic task list?

 - The importance of your senior managers knowing not just the plan - but how they are going to help ensure that it is achieved

This month’s panel, again, are dedicated, committed business people with some very different takes on the best way to achieve their goals within their scale up journey. And that all makes for a fascinating conversation, with lots for us all to take on our own scale up journey.

You can contact our guests on:

Matt Parsons -

Andy Harper -

Nigel Busby -