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ScaleUp Radio

Nov 28, 2022

On this week’s episode of ScaleUp we have a business presentation for you, all around the theme of Empowerment.


When we talk about Empowerment we’re referring to the team within your business; giving them accountability and responsibility for the work that they do.


For some business owners Empowerment is a difficult area to work through, because it’s all about giving up some control - without feeling that you’re out of control. We also describe it as going from a Leader - Follower model to a Leader - Manager, Leader - Leader model.


As always with these presentations on ScaleUp Radio, there is a lot of advice and practical help that you can put into practice straight away.


Plenty of subjects covered, including:


 - How, and where, empowerment needs to begin within your business; and why trust is a major part of the process

 - Why empowerment isn’t just handing over the business - and how you go about creating a framework for empowerment

 - How a system of Empowerment needs another presentation we’ve done on Business Rhythms to be in place to get the most out of it. 


You’ll also hear from other business owners who will discuss their own approaches to Empowerment - and the challenges they’ve faced when implementing it.


I also mention some tools and images within this presentation, and if you would like a copy of them there is an email address in the show notes.





Turn The Ship Around! By L. David Marquet -



Claire Hill from Hill HR Consultancy


Louise Blunt of BizSmart


Stuart Avis of Audacious Creative


Amy Dyble at ME Financial Services


Ben Murcott from Murcott Energy


Beth Newton from The Development Manager


Bryony Barber from Rippl


Caroline Meredith from Platform81


Charlotte Albutt from Fews Marquees


Claire Hill from Hill HR


Claire Bennett from Hornbeam Workplace Wellbeing


Emma Canning from Cannins Exterior Cleaning


Helen Groves from Food Safety Logic


John Heseltine from Odious Consulting



Jonathan Boxall-Southall from Harlequins Costumes


Matt Busby of The Name Label Company


Miguel de Sousa from Big Cause


Neil Hastings from Hasti-Brokers


Nick Wroe from Platform 81


Noel Kessell from WPA Healthcare Practice


Ray Bower from Adder Bookkeeping


Rhian Jones from Seasonal Soul Home


Robert Gibson from Vanguard Sustainable Transport Solutions


Samantha Wills from Denvic


Simon Baldwin from High House Wealth Management


Steve Harris from Central Finance


Sukhraj Gill from JDP Procurement


Sukjeet Kaur Watts from Roshni


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