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ScaleUp Radio

May 22, 2023

Hello I’m Granger Forson or find me on LinkedIn.

This time on ScaleUp Radio I speak with Eoin McQuone, the owner of Go Carbon Positive.


Go Carbon Positive is a business that helps SMEs to reduce their carbon impact by calculating and then reducing their carbon footprint. They are based in Gloucestershire and started in 2020 just before the pandemic. Since then, they have grown and now there are 4 members on the team.


Eoin takes us through why SME’s need to consider their carbon footprint, where all that carbon generation comes from and what the target of Net Zero is really all about.


As always, we cover a lot of ground, including:


 - Right from the start have a clear vision for the business long-term.

 - During start up, that is the time to test and create your procedures as you will soon be too busy to do this important task.

 - Being a thought leader on your web site will bring customers to you in time.


What is interesting about this conversation is that Eoin could see that SME businesses would need to play their part to reduce their impact on our climate, but there were so many barriers in their way. So, like so many great entrepreneurs he worked out a way to build a business to help them play their part in achieving the Net Zero goal.


I know that you’ll get something out of this episode.


Eoin can be found here:

0333 344 5890





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