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ScaleUp Radio

Sep 27, 2023

Hello and welcome back to another episode of ScaleUp Radio, your go-to podcast for business scaling insights, leadership journeys, and inspiration that fuels growth. 

I'm your host, Granger Forson, learn more about me at or connect with me personally on LinkedIn. 


Today, we have a guest whose journey transcends business, penetrating the heart of the community and making a powerful impact in the lives of many.


Shelley Harrison, founder and CEO of the UK Academies of Gymnastics, joins us in this episode. Her journey is as exhilarating as a well-executed gymnastic routine. From a passionate gymnastics coach to an entrepreneur who identified opportunities in a niche market, Shelley has successfully blended her love for gymnastics with the thrills of entrepreneurship, culminating in the creation of the UK Academies of Gymnastics.


Underpinning Shelley's professional journey are three core values - Fun, Safety, and Inclusivity. These principles form the backbone of her business, shaping every course and training session that the UK Academies of Gymnastics offers. In the midst of the recent challenges posed after the lockdowns, Shelley's commitment to these values has become even more crucial in providing an engaging and supportive environment for children.


Limber up to delve into Shelley's inspiring journey, which is punctuated by pivotal decisions and transformative changes. From launching her first business, selling it, thinking she had failed and then years later embarking on the creation of the UK Academies of Gymnastics, Shelley's journey serves as a testament to the power of passion-driven entrepreneurship. 


As we navigate through her story, you'll discover the resilience, ingenuity, and sheer determination that have been the driving forces behind Shelley's remarkable success. So sit back and prepare to be inspired, as we leap into her invigorating narrative of innovation, resilience, and profound impact.


Scaling up your business isn't easy, and can be a little daunting. Let ScaleUp Radio make it a little easier for you. With guests who have been where you are now, and can offer their thoughts and advice on several aspects of business. ScaleUp Radio is the business podcast you've been waiting for.
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