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ScaleUp Radio

Dec 13, 2023

Culinary Conscience: Stirring Sustainability into the Mix with Litu Mohiuddin


Greetings, food enthusiasts and entrepreneurial spirits! I’m Granger Forson – find your way to inspiration at or join me on LinkedIn. Today on ScaleUp Radio, we blend the rich flavours and the inspiring journey of Litu Mohiuddin, chef patron of the distinguished Memsahib’s Lounge in Cheltenham. In 2019, a vision to marry the zest of Indian cuisine with the British palate sparked a revolution on the promenade, giving birth to a gin and tea bar that has since pivoted into a culinary sanctuary.

As we peel back the layers of Litu’s venture, we discover not just a restaurant, but a stage where tradition waltzes with innovation. Here, the usual afternoon tea is reinvented with a procession of Indian-inspired delicacies, setting the taste buds of its clientele ablaze with delight. This isn’t just dining; it's an experience crafted through the pillars Litu holds dear: food, service, ambience, and location.

Underpinning Litu’s gastronomic creativity is a steadfast commitment to sustainability. His kitchen has removed the open flame, embracing instead the efficiency of pressure cooking, air frying, and water baths and the likes– a testament to his pledge to reduce the carbon footprint. Beyond techniques, it's a philosophy that champions the 3P's: procurement, preparation, and preservation, ensuring nothing goes to waste.

Staff development for Litu is akin to nurturing seedlings in a garden of skills and possibilities. With a belief that each individual's growth contributes to the collective success, he takes pride in their progress, whether in the kitchen or front of house. It’s a culture of respect and togetherness, where shared meals and empowerment to innovate are the norm.

This is a special face to face edition as Litu and I share afternoon tea together and our conversation is divided up by Litu describing the beautiful dishes we eat. 

Join us then, as we explore the aromatic pathways of Litu’s entrepreneurial journey, the innovative strides in maximizing revenue, and his forward-thinking aspirations that promise to stir the culinary world. This episode is a masterclass in blending passion with purpose, taste with responsibility, and ambition with humility.


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