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ScaleUp Radio

Dec 15, 2023

Greetings to all you entrepreneurs, dreamers, and culinary enthusiasts out there! I'm Granger Forson, your guide to the stirring tales of business ingenuity and growth. You can connect with me at or link up for a daily dose of inspiration on LinkedIn. Today, on ScaleUp Radio, we're rolling out the story of a man who has kneaded his way to success, Ori Hellerstein of The Artisan Baker.


In a world where the bakery shelves are lined with the mass-produced and the ordinary, Ori has carved out a niche for handmade breads and vegan pastries with a global twist. He's not just a baker; he's an artisan who believes in the power of open-plan baking, inviting curious eyes to behold the transformation of dough to delicacy right before their eyes.


Join us as we trace Ori's 11-year journey, from his dream of a simpler life beyond the London hustle, to the bustling farmer's markets, and through the doors of his very own artisan bakery. It's a tale spiced with determination, flavoured with innovation, and a pinch of hard times that could have crumbled a lesser spirit.


But Ori didn't just stop at overcoming personal challenges. He rose to the occasion when the COVID-19 pandemic threatened to stale the dreams of many. With bread deliveries, a new bakery in a revitalized shopping centre in Stroud and doubling down by taking on a coffee shop in Cheltenham, Ori has shown that the right mix of resilience and improvisation can lead to expansion even in the toughest times.


In this inspiring episode, we'll also knead into the essentials of leadership and financial foresight, as Ori shares his philosophy on taking the time to find the right people, keeping a vigilant eye on cash flow forecasts, and his plans to expand his bakery empire over the next five years.


So dust off your aprons, preheat your entrepreneurial spirit, and get ready to be inspired by a story that proves passion and perseverance are the essential ingredients for scaling up in the world of artisanal baking.



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