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ScaleUp Radio

May 31, 2021

On this week’s episode of ScaleUp Radio, I speak to Darren Wilkins from CitySigns.


They are a second generation family-run signage and display firm - but joining the family business was not in Young Darren’s plan. However, as so often happens, fate stepped in and he initially started working for the business short term.


Cut to 25 years later and Darren is now the MD and runs the business along with his sister Dee.


This year the firm celebrates 60 years in business, and as part of our conversation, we talk a lot about the scale up journey of the firm as a whole - but also Darren’s journey within the business.


As always, we cover a lot of ground in our talk, including


 - Running a family business is a lot more challenging than any other business; every meeting can turn into a row!

 -  Making sure that your skills and the skills of your sister - or business partner - don’t overlap

  • The importance of keeping abreast of the technology within the industry
  • The motto ‘Know, Like & Trust’ is vital for the success of your business
  • How valuable business networking is, and the part that it should play in your marketing strategy.


What’s clear from the conversation with Darren is just how different running a family business is from almost any other kind of company. It’s a fascinating chat that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.


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Ivan Misner - Networking Like A Pro:


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