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ScaleUp Radio

Nov 23, 2020

On this episode of ScaleUp Radio we’ll hear from Andrew Bradley from Bradley Haynes Law.


Andrew Bradley has a story that we’ve heard from a lot of other guests; he was working at a large company and wasn’t enjoying it - the culture, the workload, the expectations - so he decided to go out on his own.


That’s when his business partner Andy Haynes came to him and asked him to open a law firm - even though Andy Haynes isn’t a lawyer!


The business was started in 2014 and has quickly grown in size and turnover into a very successful law firm.


As you’ll hear in the conversation, Andrew is keen on innovation with the business, and this is something that has come to the fore during the pandemic too.


Amongst many other things that was discussed, we also touched upon:


 - How you can still have a large amount of growth in your business, without taking too many risks

 - Trying to avoid the temptation of moving outside of your business plan, just to bring money into the company with something that is really just a distraction

 - The thought process of running a professional services business, and making sure that there are opportunities for people wanting to work within that business

 - How to deal with the increasing matter of mental health in the workplace, which has come to the fore so much more in 2020.


The business that Andrew and Andy have created is a great model, that could easily transfer to any kind of business - not just a law firm.




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