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ScaleUp Radio

Jan 11, 2021

On this episode of ScaleUp Radio, we’ll be hearing from Ann Robinson of Henwick Vets.


Ann started the practise in 2013 after spending 20 years working for another vet.


The business has grown significantly in the past 7 years and, as you’ll hear, there is potential for the business to scale up even further.


One of things that stands out in this conversation - and Ann freely admits it herself - she isn’t a natural business person. Everything has been a learning curve for her - she has brought her work ethic and expertise in the veterinary business, and everything else has been learned.


Ann’s story is a fascinating one, but we still manage to cover   an awful lot of ground, including:


 - Calculating your rates on what you think the client *should* pay, rather than what you think they *would* pay

 - The effort that’s needed to make your business a workplace that people want to be in. So, having a good work culture - but making it fun too.

 - The benefits of having an HR consultant and a solicitor on a retainer



What is so admirable about Ann, and this comes across in our conversation, is her desire to do right by her staff and her customers.


As always, there is plenty to take away for any level and size of business owner.




Ann can be found here:


The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast -


The Chimp Paradox by Prof Steve Peters -


Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand -


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