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ScaleUp Radio

Jul 15, 2019

Can you remember the first time you used a computer? Matt Parsons from Surf Tech IT can - it was a Dell 486 that his Dad brought home. (Mine was a ZX81)

It was this Dell computer from the 90’s that started Matt’s fascination with IT - and it’s something that has borne fruit in the formation of Surf Tech IT.

After working for various companies, Matt went out on his own and has grown the business from a one man band-type business to one that is now looking at taking on it’s first apprentice, with a solid staff base.

In this latest episode of Scale Up Radio, Kevin Brent talks to Matt about his scale up journey. They also cover:

  • How to ensure your business is differentiated in what is essentially a commoditised market
  • The place that training has in the success of the company, making sure that you are up to speed as much as possible within your industry, whilst also acknowledging that you can’t know everything
  • Bringing an apprentice into the business
  • Being realistic in your long-term goals - not everyone can take over the world!
  • Know when to step back from some of the day to day tasks within the business, whilst making sure that the quality is still there.

What’s interesting in listening to Matt is his complete awareness of the scale up journey and how, even though Surf Tech IT is already a successful business, Matt is continually looking ahead to the next milestone.

As always, there is something for everyone in this conversation - whether or not you’re in the IT industry.

You can get in touch with Matt by email:

Or phone: 0330 120 0295