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ScaleUp Radio

Mar 16, 2020

Guy Masters, who I speak to on this episode of ScaleUp Radio, is somebody who let his confidence do a lot of the talking, particularly when he was younger.

After just 6 months with a contact centre in London, he decided that, aged just 21, he would start up his own business. Which he did with help from a friend of his father - and that was when Guy’s business journey began.

However, it wasn’t long after that, that he learned a really key and a really valuable lesson.

Now, many years later, he is the Managing Director of Cactus Search, a recruitment company specialising in contact centre work, with a staff of 12 and an international customer base.

Guy’s story is a fascinating one, in that, as much as his confidence was the initial driver, he didn’t intricately plan each step - he just had an idea and acted upon it, and learned the lessons along the way.

As always, there was plenty to talk about, including:

 - Take something from every job you have on the way to starting your business, and use it to shape your own company.

 -  Why your first hire can sometimes be the most difficult one

 - The importance of a maintaining a good business reputation, and how that can sometimes be the difference between you and your competitors

 - Knowing the challenges and threats, not just in your industry, but to your business - and using them to shape the future of the company.

 - You don’t always need an exit plan.

Guy is clearly passionate about the business, and his scale up journey, but it’s reassuring to hear just how much his own family play a part in his life, and that’s definitely a key takeaway too.

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Scaling up your business isn't easy, and can be a little daunting. Let ScaleUp Radio make it a little easier for you. With guests who have been where you are now, and can offer their thoughts and advice on several aspects of business. ScaleUp Radio is the business podcast you've been waiting for.