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ScaleUp Radio

Apr 8, 2019

When it comes to your business, how ‘in touch’ are you with every aspect of it?

Do you know how the business itself is performing? Can you say with confidence how sales are going? Who is paying their bills, and who is becoming a debtor?

In this episode we talk about KPI - Key Performance Indicators for your business. These are the figures, the systems, the processes that you have in place (or should have in place!) so that you know just where your business is - and whether or not it’s going to reach the goals that you have set for it.

Kevin Brent from BizSmart is the host and we’ll be hearing from:

- Tim Pearce from Haines Watts Accounting

- Andy Phillips from AP Insurance

- Debbie Mann from Parallell Lines Ltd

They talk about how they keep a check on their businesses, and how important KPI’s are in the continued success and the future of their respective companies.

In this episode, they cover:

 - the systems they have in place

 - who they feel is responsible for KPI in the company

 - how social media and digital platforms play into KPI’s

 - not just focusing on the right KPI’s, but making sure not to get sucked into the wrong KPI’s

Plus, much more. As always, lots to take away - so make sure you either have a pad handy, or that you listen again and again to get all of the great advice these three business people have to offer.