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ScaleUp Radio

Jul 13, 2020

In this episode of ScaleUp Radio, Kevin Brent speaks to Matt Busby of The Name Label Company. They do pretty much what they say on the tin - provide printed labels. Their key markets are schools and care homes, but they tend to sell B2C, rather than B2B.

It’s not been the easiest journey for Matt and he’s learned some difficult lessons along the way but, as you’ll see, he has come out the other side with a very positive outlook for his business - and industry as a whole.

As always, it was a wide-ranging conversation, which covered plenty of ground and contains an awful lot to takeaway for you, wherever you are on your own scale up journey.

Some of the subject covered included:

 - Definitely listen to the advice ‘Don’t go into business with friends or family’ - Matt and the company ignored that, and paid the cost

 - Like so many businesses, The Name Label Company  found a lifeline in the terrible time that was the lockdown that really helped them get through it

 - It’s okay to have more than one USP

 - The importance of keeping ahead of the competition, by changing, growing and innovating.

It’s worth pointing out that Matt mentions Elevate a couple of times during the conversation. The Elevate Programme is something that is led by BizSmart, who Kevin is a Director of, and is funded by Worcestershire County Council and the European Regional Development Fund.

Matt has managed to develop a really nice business here. It’s a small team, providing a service for a huge number of people - with a great USP - and it’s a continuing service, with customers returning again and again and again.

Matt can be found here:  or on 01684 472247

Legacy by James Kerr -

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