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ScaleUp Radio

Nov 11, 2019

In this episode of Scale Up Radio we’re going to do something a little different.

The first thing is that normally we would look at one aspect of scaling up your business, whether it’s growth or lead generation or the hiring process.

However, we’re going to take a broader view this time - and talk about scaling up as a whole.

The second thing is that there is a way for you to get involved as well.

You’ve heard Kevin refer to the four pillars of scaling up – Strategy, People, Execution and Cash – all of which come out in this panel discussion.  Well we thought we’d give you the chance to benchmark your business against these four pillars using our In-Flight Checklist – which can also be used as an ongoing set of checks to ensure you are building a scalable and valuable business.  If you’d like to do this, just email and he'll send you a pdf copy.

So, for this episode we sat down with 3 business people and used their experience to look at scaling up a business.

We heard from:

David Lynes from Unique IQ

Rosie Henderson from Business & Innovation Magazine

Himmat Rai from Sentinel Safety Solutions

It’s a very wide-ranging chat around the scaleup themes and we covered:-

 - What does scaling up mean to a business - what does it look like?

 - Can you tell the difference between scaling up and growth?

 - The steps you should take to ensure, as much as you can, that you become a successful scaling company?

 - The importance of sharing your scale up vision with your employees, as the journey progresses and changes!

As always, so much of the conversation is of value to you if you’re just starting out on your scale up journey, or your a veteran CEO with many years of experience behind you.

David Lynes can be contacted on

Rosie Henderson can be contacted on

Himmat Rai can be contacted on