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ScaleUp Radio

Oct 18, 2021

On this week’s episode of ScaleUp Radio, we have something a little different.


Rather than an interview this is a presentation that was done by an entrepreneur at our BizSmart Select Member meeting recently.


The guest speaker was Rob Stone of Instaloft.


His is an incredible story that started only a few years ago, but has seen him grow his business to one with a £14m turnover.


You’ll hear Rob talk through this journey that he’s been on, as well as detailing some of the challenges that he’s had to face as a business owner.


There is really so much value in this episode, you’ll get so much from listening to it - including:


 - Sometimes the break can simply come from the kindness of others

 - Your first staff member can not only improve the business, but also change your role within the business too

 - The importance of knowing your numbers within your business - or investing time in teaching yourself about them if you don’t know.

 - The growth of your business isn’t always in your hands. You should still make plans, but be ready to change those plans at a moments notice.


Rob also stays around to answer some of your questions about his scale up journey too.


Rob’s story seems to read like some kind of movie, almost unreal in the speed of his growth - but Rob’s honesty in the telling is refreshing and inspirational. He doesn’t shy away from his mistakes, or the lack of knowledge that he had. 



Rob can be found here:


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