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ScaleUp Radio

May 24, 2021

On this episode of ScaleUp Radio, Kevin speaks to Helen Jones from Collaboris.

Collaboris was formed in 2007 as a slightly different company, which took a rather winding path to get to the present day, where it is an information technology and services company that works within Microsoft’s SharePoint program - which you may well have used in your own company, or interacted with at an event.

As always, there is an awful lot of ground covered in this conversation, including the challenges and lessons learned as part of their scale up journey and whether or not they would do anything differently.


We also discussed: 


 - The process of deciding when is the right time to ‘give up’ on something? Whether it’s an aspect of your business, a branch of growth within your company or even a member of staff.

 - How to adapt to something like the pandemic, when many of your customers moved to working from home

 - Having to change your advertising and marketing online to keep up with the different algorithms on different platforms

 - Making sure that the different members of staff have different skill sets, which compliment one another - and benefit the business as a whole.


Helen is incredibly knowledgable about her area, and clearly has a real passion about the industry - she really was very enjoyable to spend some time with. I hope that you enjoy it too.



Helen can be found here:


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