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ScaleUp Radio

Jun 21, 2021

On this week’s episode of ScaleUp Radio, we hear from Kerry Perkins who is the Financial Director of Optimec Metrology.


The company had experienced continual growth from their formation in 1979, but all of that was thrown a little bit in March of 2020 when the Chairman announced that he would be retiring.


What followed is a process that we’ve never really discussed on ScaleUp Radio - one of an asset purchase of a business. I promise you, it is a fascinating conversation.


Some of the aspects that we discuss are:


 - Where do you even start with an asset purchase of a business, when the boss resigns. How do you make it all go as smoothly as possible? 

  • The challenge of moving from being a work colleague - to the manager of, in some cases, your friends.
  • How do you work the growth of the business as a new owner, without rocking the boat too much with clients who loved the traditions of the old management?


Even though the industry that Optimec Metrology operates in is incredibly niche, the things that you’ll hear are pretty universal and could easily be applied to you or your company.



Kerry can be found here:


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