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ScaleUp Radio

Mar 7, 2022

On this episode of ScaleUp Radio, I’m talking with Jake Bailey from Toord.


Toord are unlike almost any other business that we’ve ever had on ScaleUp Radio; they are marketing experts that work exclusively with estate agents. So, that’s property photographs, floorpans and virtual tours.


As you’ll hear, Jake is quite young, but has already gained some great experience as a business owner, and his enthusiasm is infectious.


As always, there is a great range of areas covered in our conversation, including:


 - The fact that not only has business gone more digital, but selling, or prospecting, has been more successful in a digital world

 - How living with ADHD can affect your decision-making and creative process as a business owner.

 - Being very definite in what separates you from your competition, and sticking with that principal

 - A lot of working with other people comes down to expectations. Expectations of your staff - and yourself


Jake is a fascinating person and it was a real joy to speak to him. Aside from him as a person, his scale up journey, and the lessons and challenges he’s experienced so far mean that you’ll definitely have plenty to take away from this episode. 



Jake can be found here -



Apple Notes -


4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris -


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