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ScaleUp Radio

Oct 25, 2021

On this episode of ScaleUp Radio, we have a new presentation and discussion taken from a recent ScaleUp Club meeting.


If you’ve been listening to ScaleUp Radio for a while, then you’ll know that we look at different themes with these presentations, and you’ll find the links to a couple of previous themes here:



This month’s theme is Understanding Differences. 


That doesn’t necessarily refer to the wider issues of understanding others in society, but understanding the differences that can occur a little closer to home - within your own business.


Our recent research into the challenges owner managers face when scaling up shows that as we scale, people challenges become the most prevalent – for example getting staff to take responsibility in the way that we would like as business owners – yet only 4% of the reported performance indicators are to do with people.  Understanding the different priorities and motivations within our teams is the foundation of building cohesive teams.


You’ll also hear reference to business tools within this episode - you can get access to them by emailing


There’s plenty of value in this episode, as always, including:


 - The benefit of knowing where you are, and where your team are, when it comes to the vision of the business.

 - The process of learning how to be a leader and a manager in your own business, using the tools that we talk about in the presentation

 -   Realising that you have a company culture - even if you are a solo business owner


You’ll also hear from two business owners, who will talk about their own experiences of Understanding Differences within their own businesses.


We have:


Helen Bower - Adder Bookkeeping -

Stu Avis - Audacious Creative -


Also, at the end of the episode, there is a panel discussion, looking at Understanding Differences within our own businesses.


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