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ScaleUp Radio

May 10, 2021

It’s the thing that makes the world go round, not just in business - money.


That’s the focus of this week’s featured business on ScaleUp Radio.


Steve Harris formed Central Business Finance in 2010 with two other financial experts with the aim of helping business across the West Midlands get access to finance.


Cut to 11 years later and the aim of the business hasn’t changed - just the scope of the business, and the clients that they deal with.


Steve Harris from Central Business Finance


This episode with Steve is a fascinating one, and we cover quite a bit of ground, including:


 - How trust needs to be a big part of your business, and the way that you deal with clients and other businesses

 - Accept that you will definitely make mistakes in the early days of your business, it’s the learning from them that is the important lesson

 - The process of letting go of the reins, and allowing staff - the right staff - to take more control of the company

 - Just what Business Rhythms are, and how they can benefit your business


Obviously finance and financial matters take up quite a bit of our time, but I think that there are some general business lessons to take away from this episode.



Steve Can be found here:


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