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ScaleUp Radio

Apr 11, 2022

On this episode of ScaleUp Radio, we hear from Simon O Gorman, the owner of Adapt IT.


Adapt IT have been running since 2001, but Simon only took over the business in 2021, after family circumstances put him in touch with the owner, Martin, which led to a conversation about the business being for sale.


In fact, one of the aspects of the conversation is talking to Simon about the process of acquiring Adept IT, which only happened during 2021. It’s a fascinating look at what goes into an acquisition, and some of the challenges that Simon faced.


There’s also quite a bit else that we covered in our conversation, including:


 - Ensuring that every client feels unique to your business. They should feel that they aren’t treated like ‘just another client’

 - Why acquiring a business is not something that you should just decide to do - do your homework, and make sure you have a good network of people around you who have experience, especially lawyers!

 - How you go about pushing your team in their work - without pushing them too far, or not far enough!


This is a great conversation, and it was good to hear Simon be so open and honest about acquiring Adept IT, and talk about some of the things that didn’t quite go to plan, as well as the things that went well.


It won’t matter how long you’ve been a business owner, which industry you’re in or where you are on your scale up journey - you’ll definitely find some value in this episode. 




Simon can be found here:





The Five Dysfunctions Of The Team by PM Lencioni -


Working Smarter by Graham Roberts-Phelps -


Text Help Read & Write -


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