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ScaleUp Radio

Sep 7, 2020

In this episode of ScaleUp Radio, we have another recent online session, dealing with forecasting your cashflow and budgets.

Obviously, now more than ever, the amount of money in a business is a major concern for so many business owners, and it’s something that we’ve touched on in previous episodes. If you haven’t heard the episode looking at the Cash Conversion Cycle that is well worth going back and listening to.

Here, though, it’s all about forecasting your cashflow and budgeting - being able to not guess at, but know the money that will be moving through your business at any one time.

The session that you are about to hear is split into two parts. In the first part, we have the overview of the cashflow forecast, talking about:

- The consequences of not monitoring the cashflow of your business

 - Why every business owner should be ready to ask themselves, and their workforce, some difficult questions if the forecast doesn’t match what has gone before

 - Some of the mistakes that people make with  their cashflow forecast

There is also a couple of presentations about how the cashflow and budget forecasts work in their business, from: 

Dave Perrigo fm Perrigo Consultants 

David Lynes from UniqueIQ

Then, in the second half of the episode, we’ll hear from a panel of business owners talking about the cashflow forecasting and budgeting that they do, and how their approaches and attitudes differ from one another.

It really is a fascinating, and helpful, discussion.

The are so many business owners of all sizes are concerned about the future, and how they are going to get back on track when the global pandemic is over.

Well, along with so many of the other recent episodes of ScaleUp Radio, this is another one that could really help you over the coming weeks and months.

Dave Perrigo can be found here:

David Lynes can be found here:






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