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ScaleUp Radio

Jun 29, 2020

Are you running a truly cohesive team or teams in your business?

That’s the topic of conversation this week with:

  • Hannah Haffield of Make More Noise PR 
  • Clare Vale of Sign Solutions.

It takes effort to build a cohesive team, but there are practical things that you can do - it does not have to be complicated and the rewards are great.

There are many examples of the power of effective teams and with some the effectiveness of the team becomes a distinct competitor advantage – indeed with small and medium sized business competing against larger ones this is sometimes a real opportunity to differentiate.

We discuss amongst other things:

·         What do we mean by cohesive teams

·         What are the fundamentals of a cohesive team

·         How can we:

o   Build trust

o   Master conflict

o   Achieve Commitment

o   Embrace accountability

o   Focus on results

·         What is a ‘Shit Sandwich’?

You can read up more on Cohesive Teams in the best-selling book:

The Five Dysfunctions Of A Team by Patick Lencioni:

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Hannah Haffield can be found here:


Clare Vale can be found here:

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