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ScaleUp Radio

Feb 27, 2023

Curiosity is definitely the buzz word for this interview on ScaleUp Radio. 

I interviewed Manda Graham who is the director of Equal Vision, which is a social enterprise, a Community Interest Company. 

Manda is also the founder of something called the Curiosity Museum – which is an immersive careers advisory service for students. 

And this is where it gets really interesting, because they had just got to the point of launching a live version into schools literally in March of 2020 as COVID hit so they've had to do that overused word - pivot. 

There's a lot of interesting stuff around how Amanda has been able to do that and the support that she's had.  All sorts of great stuff you'll hear about how one of the constraints early days was things had to fit in the back of her Volkswagen Polo. So that's a constraint that I've not heard before, certainly on ScaleUp Radio. 

So really interesting, different ways of looking at things, a lot about the schools and the education market. Also some thinking around sprint methodology. Some really, really interesting things from Manda on this discussion.


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