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ScaleUp Radio

Jul 26, 2021

On this week’s episode of Scale Up Radio we hear from 

Celia Felgate of Fresh Nous, which is a customer experienced-led marketing agency.


They’re a little different from your regular marketing agency in the fact that they look more closely at the customer experience  or their journey - and help the client understand, plot and target that more effectively.


Don’t worry if that description doesn’t make too much sense - I promise you that Celia explains it all full during the course of our conversation. 


It was fascinating to hear Celia’s story - from the formation of their business, through the growth from just Celia and her business partner to the current team of 7, and onto the future of the business. As always, we covered a lot of ground, including: 


 - The elements needed to make a retainer model work with some of your clients - and recognising that it doesn’t work for all of your customers.

 -  Why you shouldn’t worry if you’re not completely sure about the details of what your business is in the beginning. Celia talks about the challenge of discovering the core direction  of the business, over the course of their first few clients.

 - The realisation that, even if you have managed people in your previous careers, the challenge of managing people within your own business is far greater.

 - The importance of helping the team create a more fulfilling work / life balance



Celia can be found here:



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