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ScaleUp Radio

Mar 22, 2021

This week on ScaleUp Radio we hear from Greg Baldwin, the MD of Highways Traffic Management.


Greg is pretty new to the job, though. Even though he’s been with the business for some years - and it was started by his father in 1995, he only took over as Managing Director in Autumn of last year.


As you’ll hear, though, that doesn’t mean he’s learning on the job. On the contrary, he’s got very firm ideas as to what the company’s aims should be - and how he’s going to achieve them.


Lots of ground covered in our conversation, including:


 - The power of collaboration, whether it’s in the workplace - or the social responsibility side of your business

 - The challenge of scaling the business, and always being on the lookout for ways to achieve that

 -  The process of making sure that confidence about the business, and the direction of the company, is shared throughout the workforce

 - Why you should work towards a culture of responsibility within the company


 I learned a lot from speaking to Greg - and I’m sure that you will too.


Greg can be found here:

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Scaling up your business isn't easy, and can be a little daunting. Let ScaleUp Radio make it a little easier for you. With guests who have been where you are now, and can offer their thoughts and advice on several aspects of business. ScaleUp Radio is the business podcast you've been waiting for.


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