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ScaleUp Radio

Oct 28, 2019

Unique IQ is one of the unsung heroes of the workplace.

That might sound a little grand, but with the software services and products they provide home-care companies can run more efficiently. In fact, as you’ll hear, one customer thinks so much of David Lynes and Unique IQ, she puts her improved sleep down to them and their products.

David Lynes, who is the guest on this episode of Scale Up Radio, started Unique IQ 14 years ago after, like so many other business owners that we’ve had on the podcast, they didn’t feel that the large corporate company they were working for, was doing enough for the customer.

They’ve recently experienced pretty rapid growth after investment came in about 18 months ago.

We do cover a lot of ground in our conversation:

  - Knowing what separates you from your competition. Sometimes this can be the only thing that gets you the business.

 - The importance of recurring revenue as you scale

 - and the importance of keeping in touch with the customers - and listening to them - to make sure that the business, and it’s products, fit in with the changing needs of the client

 - Making sure you keep asking ‘why?’ when it comes to your business “Why are we different? Why do people work here? Why do clients keep coming back?” And have that feedback used throughout the business, even, in some cases, as part of the values of the company.

 - If you do experience rapid growth in a short space of time, make a decision as to whether you need to add an extra level of management, not to micromanage, but to ensure that everyone can deliver their best work, at the right time.

David and Unique IQ are a company that isn’t often in the spotlight, but their work is vital - and the commitment that David brings to the job, the company, and his scale up journey is evident in our chat.

David Lynes can be contacted at:

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