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ScaleUp Radio

Jan 10, 2022

On this episode of ScaleUp Radio, we hear from Katy Raines who is the founder and CEO of Indigo Limited.


They are a small consultancy business who work solely in the cultural and heritage sectors across the UK and Ireland


Initially, Katy started out in the creative arts - as a performer and musician - but the realisation of the life of a freelancer meant that she wanted more order, more structure to her career.


After a couple of other job moves, which Katy talks about in our conversation, she decided to go into consultancy, back in 2003.


As you can imagine, the past 18 years has seen huge changes in the cultural and heritage sectors; social media, arts funding structures - but that hasn’t stopped Indigo from growing. They now have a staff of four, and have greatly increased the income of the business during that time.


Also, Indigo run a number of research programmes, which proved invaluable for clients, and the sector as a whole, when it came to understanding the next steps to make during the pandemic. It’s an incredibly interesting aspect to the work that Katy and Indigo do. 


This is fascinating conversation about an industry that we rarely cover on ScaleUp Radio and, as always, we cover a lot of ground, including:


 - How to compete with companies that are much larger than yours

 - Dealing with opposition and suspicion when offering something for free

 - The challenge of structuring the business so that it will, eventually, go on without you


Don’t worry if you’re not in the arts, culture or heritage sector - this episode contains a lot of value for all business owners.


It’s also worth pointing out too, that this was recorded at the tail end of 2021. Obviously, the situation regarding live performances and theatres has changed since then - and will be different again outside the UK. Always best to check with the venue that you’re due to be attending. 


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