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ScaleUp Radio

Sep 20, 2021

On this week’s episode of ScaleUp Radio, we have another session that will help you and your business on it’s scale up journey - all about the Hiring Process.


As I’ve mentioned in the past, the number of companies that actually get to the position of taking on more than 10 employees is very small, so the concept and the process of hiring a member of staff is a little alien to many business owners.


With this presentation, and the discussion that follows it, we’re talking about the idea of Punching Above Our Weight when it comes to recruiting within our business.


This is always a real challenges, particularly for smaller businesses when you are competing with larger companies, better names and brands - who are attractive to the better candidates. On top of that, coming out of the pandemic has meant that there are many more vacancies available.


As always, there is lots of valuable content within the presentation and discussion, including:


 - Recruiting is a little like shopping. Try not to do it when you’re hungry. Don’t recruit when you’re in desperate for someone.

 - Always be recruiting. Make sure that you have an eye out for the next team member, especially if you have your plan in action you can see the kind of person that you’re going to need in the future

 - When is it the right time and process for outsourcing your recruitment?

 - The benefit of testing your candidates within the area that you’re recruiting. For instance, if it’s a sales position - get them to make a couple of calls.


You’ll also hear from a number of other business owners talking about their own experiences of punching above their weight during the recruitment process, including:



Peter Chatterly from Talent Hackers -

Hannah Haffield from Make More Noise PR -

David Lynes from Unique IQ -

Granger Forson from Clifford Springs -

David Lincoln-Lewis from Industrial Switchgear -

Himmat Rai from Sentinel Safety Solutions -

Clare Vale from Sign Solutions -

Louise Blunt from BizSmart -


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