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ScaleUp Radio

Sep 13, 2021

Today on Scale Up Radio I am talking to Anna Jester from Jester Lead Happy, a business that supports leaders in start ups and scale ups. They offer development support to new leaders and seasoned leaders alike but who want leadership to excel in their businesses.Anna tells her own personal story of leadership and the big mistake she made at the beginning. Anna's personal development story inspired her to work smarter than harder and bring out the natural leader in herself andAnna has taken these skills into Jester. 


Anna challenges the traditional definitions of leadership and talks about how Jester are able to help businesses maintain a consistently happy workforce by bringing out the specialist 'human-ship' skills that make a truly great and authentic leader.


Over the course of this conversation we discuss things like:


  • The issues with "traditional training" of leaders and how things need to change
  • - The significance of authenticity as a leader
  • - The importance of great team communication and some ideas how leaders can keep everyone informed, without just firing out yet another email


At the end of the day, everything Anna and Jester do is about inspiring owner managers to build great businesses through empowering us and our people to become great leaders.


Listening to Anna you can't help but feel inspired to be a better leader – make sure you listen carefully!


Find out about how Jesters Lead Happy Formula can revolutionise your way of leadership and find Anna below.


Books mentioned in the episode


Edith Eger - The Gift -


Charlie Mackesy - The Boy The Mole, The Fox and The Horse -


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