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ScaleUp Radio

Nov 2, 2020

On this episode of ScaleUp Radio, we hear from Edward Raine from Cloud Shepherd, which is a company that specialises in moving companies onto the cloud. That makes it sound so simple, but it really isn’t, as will become evident during the episode.

As you’ll hear, Edward has been involved in computers for his entire working life, and it led him to start Cloud Shepherd in 2012 with a business partner.

8 years later and it is just Edward and his staff now, after a buyout in 2016.

Like so many businesses that we’ve had on the podcast over the past few weeks, they don’t have a huge staff - just 4 full-time technicians at the moment - but the scope and coverage of what they do is incredibly large.

During the conversation, we covered Edward’s scale up journey, and the lessons and challenges that brought him to this point.

We also covered:

- How to run a company with no sales team at all.

- The process of recruiting in a niche industry, where you generally have to train people once they’ve joined the company.

- How vital it is to source the right suppliers to your business, as these could be people you’ll be using for several years.

  - The benefit of keeping yourself involved in the day to day ‘factory floor’ side of the business, as well as dealing with the responsibilities of running the company

It clear that Edward is incredibly passionate about the computing industry, and it was surprising to hear him talk about his favourite aspect of the job of running the company. I’ll let you hear that for yourself as we go over to the rest of our conversation.

Edward can be found here:

0800 3687373

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