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ScaleUp Radio

Jun 1, 2020

I don’t know if you’ve ever broken a bone, but the recovery can be painful, frustrating - and quite immobile. You can’t move about as you normally would.

That was certainly the case when, back in 2016, this episode’s guest Sandra Garlick, broke her ankle and was laid up at home with that.

Now, whilst you might take the chance to catch up on some reading, or binge watch a boxset or two, Sandra set up a new network, the like of which hadn’t really been seen in the UK before.

Woman Who UK is an organisation that helps women in business ‘power up their brand’ through encouraging them to recognise and celebrate their achievements - and becoming role models to inspire others.

From that first awards ceremony that Sandra Garlick organised whilst on crutches Woman Who has gone on to encapsulate groups, networks, celebrations, seminars - and an annual awards ceremony.

Sandra Garlick is a real inspiration. Not just to the women that she champions and supports through Woman Who, but to anyone who has a dream, a drive or a passion. She was told time and time again that something like Woman Who wouldn’t succeed - and she’s proved them all along.

In this wonderful conversation, we talked about the effect that the Covid-19 lockdown has had on her business, which she refers to as an ‘accidental business’.

We also talk about:

How she responded to the lockdown, and the good that has come out of it

The importance of checking your post regularly, especially when you’re contacted by the highest office in the land

Why women in the business need to realise their potential in today’s society - and how she’s helping them to bring that about.

Sandra Garlick, her contact details, her books and events can be found here:

Hilary Devey ‘Bold As Brass’ -

Simon Sinek ‘Start With Why’ -

Andy Bounds 'The Jelly Effect’ -

Monday, the team organisational tool -

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