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ScaleUp Radio

Aug 1, 2022

Welcome to this week’s episode of ScaleUp Radio. I’m Granger Forson and I’ve been speaking to Clare-Louise Freeman from Zig’s Exercise.


Zig’s is a little different from other exercise businesses that you might have seen. They provide a safe, friendly space for people to explore their health, nutrition and wellness. 


Clare has got a lot of experience of being a business owner after starting on her scale up journey just over 25 years ago.


We did cover an awful lot of ground during our conversation, including:


 - The decision to go with your gut. Just because your family, and those around you say that you should be going in one direction - that doesn’t mean you have to do as they say

 - The benefit to having the team working remotely - and even taking the entire business into the virtual space!


What is so refreshing to hear is Clare’s enthusiasm. Not just for the industry that she’s in, but also the whole concept of running your own business.





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