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Apr 19, 2021

For many of us, there are so many great stories that start with the line ‘I was drinking some wine’


Of course, many of those stories wouldn’t be appropriate for this podcast!


However, for this week’s guest - Hollie Whittles from Purple Frog Systems - it was the start of their company.


Purple Frog Systems was the wine-fuelled name, and they are a data analytics consultancy - essentially, they help businesses with their data.


They started in 2006 and have grown into a national, and international, business


Hollie, as Managing Director, has helped steer the business through the early years of it just being her and her husband, to the point of having a solid core staff of 15.


And that’s one of the refreshing things you’ll hear in this conversation; just how Hollie treats the staff at Purple Frog Systems. During the pandemic, Hollie was making sure that the staff were okay - even giving pay rises, which I guess probably puts Purple Frog in the minority of businesses over the past 12 months.


As always, we cover plenty of subjects that we can all learn from, including:


 - Knowing when is the right time to change from a home office to a specific business property

 - Proving to big, national and international clients that you are robust enough to deal with them

 - The importance of having an exit strategy,  and how bringing in a Project Manager has played a part in that process

 -  How doing shrewd financial planning meant that they could survive something like the pandemic.


Hollie is clearly passionate about the work that she and Purple Frog Systems do, but also the wellbeing of the staff and the company as a whole.



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