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ScaleUp Radio

Feb 7, 2022

Hello, I’m Granger Forson, here with this week’s episode of ScaleUp Radio.


I’m speaking with Richard Hubble from It’seeze Web Design Gloucester.


The company does pretty much what it says on the tin; helping small business grow by building them a professional looking website and efficient digital marketing.


Richard has been involved in the world of digital marketing and design for quite some time, even though this business is only a few years old. And it’s this experience that we get to hear about - and you get to benefit from!


We cover an awful lot of ground during our conversation, including:


 - How shifting the thinking, as a business owner, to a a digital model,  can help you deal with extreme situations like the recent pandemic


 - The process of making a franchise *feel* like your very own business


 - The importance of having a criteria when it comes to new clients; are THEY a good fit for YOU? If not - why are you doing business with them?


Richard, as you’ll hear, is incredibly passionate about his business, and his industry; so there is quite a bit of a value to pick up from listening to this conversation.


Richard can be found here:



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WhatsApp -


Scaling up your business isn't easy, and can be a little daunting. Let ScaleUp Radio make it a little easier for you. With guests who have been where you are now, and can offer their thoughts and advice on several aspects of business. ScaleUp Radio is the business podcast you've been waiting for.


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