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ScaleUp Radio

Mar 20, 2020

Welcome along to this slightly different episode of ScaleUp Radio.

It’s different in a couple of ways. Firstly, this episode is dedicated to coronavirus and its effect on business owners.

We’ve pulled together a panel consisting of:

Sara Marrett from The HR Dept

Dave Perrigo from Perrigo Consultants

So, we’ll have a people perspective, as well as the financial perspective. And Kevin Brent from BizSmart  as always, will be chairing it - as well as bringing the business point of view to the panel.

What we have tried to do is bring together in this conversation some real, practical advice for businesses that may be struggling with the effects of coronavirus, as we all are to a greater or lesser degree.

The other difference was that, again because of the coronavirus outbreak, none of the panel were in the same room, recording the conversation via Zoom, remotely.

Like all of our other episodes, though, there is still lots to take away for all kinds of businesses. We talked about:

 - How do we make sure that we ‘do the right thing’, whilst also protecting our revenue where we can?

 - What should we be doing as regards extra vigilance of our cash flow?

 - Looking at contingency and scenario planning for your business.

 - Is it possible to keep the same ‘business rhythm’ that we are used to? If not, how do we go about changing it?

 - How do we come out of this difficult and challenging situation stronger?

So, as well as some solid advice about what to do now, if you’re restricted by where you can go and the business you can do, we also look ahead to whatever awaits us on the other side, and think about how we can emerge as strong as we were before.

Self Isolation Note:

Sara can be found here - or at

Dave can be found here -


For more information on the coronavirus, you can go here:

World Health Organisation:

The BBC:

10 Downing Street:

The White House: