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ScaleUp Radio

Jul 31, 2023

We turn to the luxury cruise market this time on ScaleUp Radio.

I talked with James Cole, who is the founder of Panache Cruises, and it's not his first rodeo. James also built up and exited from a very successful cruise business before Panache, exiting prior to lockdown. At that point, they had 200 employees and 100...

Jul 28, 2023

Hello I’m Granger Forson or find me on LinkedIn.

This time on ScaleUp Radio I speak with Angharad Wrigley the owner of Hot Tubs Rock.


Hot Tubs Rock is a business based in Lydney that rents and sells hot tubs and all the services you would need for one, along with all the garden...

Jul 26, 2023

I'm still grinning after this interview today with Jim Holland who is the co founder of Carma. 

Carma is essentially a digital platform that focuses on social and environmental impact by employing veterans and service leavers in something called the Green Task Force to plant trees. 

So they're making a really positive...

Jul 24, 2023

Hello I’m Granger Forson or find me on LinkedIn.

This time on scale up radio, I speak with Bay Burdett , the founder and CEO of Bays Kitchen.


Bays kitchen is a business that designs and sells food products for people with IBS, or needing the FODMAP diet. They are based...

Jul 21, 2023

This time on ScaleUp Radio, I had the pleasure of interviewing co founders, Matt and Sam who founded Made By Studios, a digital marketing agency.

They are a couple of really great guys and it was really good to see the dynamic between them and hear how that dynamic changed over the time they have know and worked...