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ScaleUp Radio

May 13, 2019

How many of you listening right now can point to veteran actor Peter Falk as a business inspiration?

That was certainly the childhood hero of Andrew Bradley, our guest on this episode of the ScaleUp Radio podcast.

Andrew’s journey into law may have started with Columbo, but there’s nothing childish about where he’s ended up.

It was whilst working at various law firms that Andrew saw a gap in the market, for a new business model for a law firm that let go of the traditions that firms had been working with for decades, and to scale up to a modern business structure that caters for individuals, landlords and limited companies both locally and nationally. That’s where Bradley Hayes Law is now.

Andrew is clearly keen to approach the law in a very different way, and that comes across in our conversation.

He talks about:

 - How the structure of your business can be the thing that separates you from your competition

 - Why teamwork is essential, and the challenges that can come about from keeping with those teams

 - How training and development of your staff benefits everyone - including the business

 - The importance of keeping an eye on the cashflow through the business, even if your focus is on another area. 

Don’t think that this interview with Andrew will only be of interest to those thinking of starting their own law firm, or those currently working at a law firm. The lessons and challenges that Andrew has gone through on his scale up journey are transferable to almost any type of business.

Andrew can be contacted on or on 01905 900 919