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ScaleUp Radio

May 27, 2019

There’s not many people that could draw the career line from accountancy to assistance for deaf people - but that’s the journey that Clare Vale has been on.

An accountant by trade, she joined Sign Solutions in 2005 and quickly moved up the company, helping it to pretty much double in size - both in staff numbers and turnover.

As Managing Director she has moved the company onto contracted work, mainly with public sector clients and has since developed it further into many other areas that provide assistance for deaf people throughout the UK

Clare is incredibly ambitious about Sign Solutions, and has a definite vision for her scale up journey.

In this episode, she covers:

 - the importance of dealing with contracted clients

 - how priorities are set for the business - and who’s involved

 - how having a remote workforce affects the team dynamic

 - the balancing act of going in a new direction as a business - whilst staying true to the core values.

 - what the future for the company holds.

She also talks about the process, timescale and how the business changed when a venture capital company approached them at the end of 2018.

Clare is a fascinating guest and, as always, there’s plenty to take away for every kind of business person - no matter what stage of your scale up journey you’re on.

You can contact Clare at