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ScaleUp Radio

May 11, 2020

Over the many episodes of ScaleUp Radio that we’ve had, we’ve heard about some great career transformations from our guests. None of them have been too severe, though. Accountants who have become financial advisers, PR people who have gone into digital marketing - that kind of thing.

However, in this episode we have a guest - Sarah Bartlett - who went from being the first female prosthetic technician, to a dog trainer.

The company is called Hound Helpers, Sarah set it up in 2007 as a dog-walking service, and they added dog training 2 years later.

Now, they’ve got a team of 6 helping people train, walk and look after their dogs.

Like the past couple of guests that we’ve had, I wanted to talk to Sarah because of how she and her business have reacted to the coronavirus pandemic, and the ensuing lockdown.

It would have been easy for her to shut up shop, lay off staff, or furlough them, and wait for everything to blow over.

Instead - she got creative. Just like Waz from Waz’s Bistro and Gary from Platform 81, Sarah and Hound Helpers managed to reinvent their service, to keep in touch with, and keep servicing   their clients.

That’s something we’ve also talked about on previous episodes; ways you can reinvent your business, and looking at the possibility of changing your service-based business to a product-based one.

This is a great story from Sarah and, as always, there’s something in it for all businesses in all industries - and all sizes.

Sarah can be found here:

Sarah’s book “Another Pup?”:

“Puppy Prepared”:

How To Be A Productivity Ninja by Graham Allcott:

Pet Sitter Plus:

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