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ScaleUp Radio

Mar 14, 2022

On this episode of ScaleUp Radio, we have a presentation and a panel discussion around the idea of checklists.


Now, this may sound pretty simple and straightforward, but we look at a different aspect and a different way of looking at them, and the power of how they can be used really effectively. 


And we also look specifically at some checks that we have developed to help businesses that are scaling up to make sure that they are doing the right  things and keeping a check on things. We call those the InFlight Checks.


If the term is a little alien to you, In Flight Checks is a process that business owners should be doing, to make sure that they are thinking about the right things as they scale up and that they’r not missing things. 


This presentation looks at the benefits of having In Flight Checks, and checklists in general; the power of them to help shape the present and future of your business. 


We also talk about how the checklist isn’t necessarily just for the business owner; it’s something that you could use throughout the team, and we can see how different people have different perspectives on aspects of the business. In the airline industry it’s often the co-pilot that is reading out the checks, and the pilot that is performing them, so that there is that balance. 


There’s also some great practical advice about how often you should be performing the InFlight Checks - and where might checklists be appropriate within your business.


As well as the presentation, there is a panel discussion of business owners around using InFlight Checks, and other checklists, within their businesses.


You’ll also hear a lot of talk about tools for InFlight Checks. If you’d like to find out more about getting access to any of those tools, you can email



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