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ScaleUp Radio

Jun 22, 2020

We’re talking hedgehogs this week

We’ve put together a panel of business owners and we’re discussing all about how to find your hedgehog.

It’s essentially about focus, but we have a really good conversation around:

 - What exactly is this hedgehog?

 - How do we go about finding it?

 - What is the relevance of the hedgehog, not just in good times - but also in a crisis?

We have three business owners taking part in the discussion. They are:

Doug Anderson from DT Studios

Jenni Henderson from Chrysalis Support

Louise Blunt from BizSmart

The discussion amongst the panel brings out some superb tips and advice - irregardless of your industry or business type.

Essentially the concept is so simple - but incredibly powerful. It’s one of those ideas that if you just pay lip service to it, it won’t deliver as well. However, if you commit to it, and are serious about it, you’ll find that it will help you in all sorts of circumstances.

It will help you understand what you should be focusing on, whether or not you’re just being a ‘busy fool’!

Who knew that we could spend an hour, just talking about hedgehogs?

An example of the Hedgehog can be downloaded here:

Doug can be found here:

Jenni can be found here:

Louise can be found here:

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